12/8/2022  Peter Jason Gould
What is the Localzz, LocalzzNetwork, LocalzzMarketplaces, and LocalzzMedia?
The Localzz Network is empowering businesses to grow their businesses through self placed listings on a massive branded national to local digital marketplace network ecosystem.
Localzz - A digital brand, vision, and mission to create a next-generation digital marketplace and media company for locals.
Localzz Network - over 2000+ domains (digital assets) working together as a digital information ecosystem creating, sharing, and passing internet traffic.
Localzz Marketplaces - over 100 (of a planned 1000) marketplaces\directories where 99% of all businesses can place a listings that advertises, markets, and promotes their business. One business could place a listings on a possibly all 100 marketplaces and possibly more than one listing on each marketplace.
Localzz Media - a planned 100 to 300 media destinations.
Join almost 2,000,000 other businesses that have posted listings already.